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The fusionhost team regularly donates and volunteers with local charities in Plymouth as we believe charity starts at home.
Charities across the United Kingdom, British Territories and the Commonwealth are strongly encourage to apply.

Terms And Conditions

  • Fusionhost will evaluate your application based on the details you provide.
  • Only charities across the United Kingdom, British Territories & the
    Commonwealth may apply.
  • All applicants must fill out and submit the form to apply.
  • Successful applicants must place a “Powered by Fusionhost” logo/link on their websites, which links back to Fusionhost.
  • The Fusionhost sponsorship program does not include website design. This is available as a seperate sponsorship rate.
  • The decision made by Fusionhost is final. If your application is unsuccessful, we advise you reapply at a later date.
  • Fusionhost reserves the rights to approve, decline, make changes, or cancel this sponsorship without prior notice.

Customer Stories

Jessica Thompson

January 2015

Speech Mark

Fusionhost helped me set up my online shop so that I can showcase and sell my as been my web host for over five years and they have been great! There customer support has been great; unlike other companies there support isn't scripted! They actually take their time to help you!!

Jessica Thompson - January 2015

Peter Evens

January 2015

Speech Mark

We have multiple products with Fusionhost; domain names, two SSL certificates and a cloud web hosting package to showcase our business websites. We have been hosting our websites with Fusionhost for over four of years and any technical issues we've encountered have been rectified quickly!

Peter Evens - March 2014

Nicola Bruce

September 2015

Speech Mark

I discovered Fusionhost whilst attending my local Universities Freshers Fair. I always wanted to create an online portfolio to showcase my student work. After discussing my idea with the Fusionhost team they assisted me in getting my portfolio online. I cannot thank them enough!

Nicola Bruce - September 2015

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